Get with it and celebrate Big Bang Day with everyone, everywhere. What is it about? Life, the Universe and Everything. By any means necessary.

13.699.999.999 years ago, on the twenty first day of March, around happy hour, the Big Bang whirled everything into motion. An event so splendid, so completely absurd and so disturbingly vast that we will honour it in bold fashion, every year from now on until the rest of Eternity.

The perplexing truth that we are all the same, made of the same stuff, travelling the same crazy speed through the same bombastically large container; the fact that we are no more than a spec of dust in a vast roaring ocean is worth a day, at least, of consideration. This is the all new international annual celebration of the Big Bang.

Big Bang Day dedicates itself to the wonders of the universe and to the dynamic human spirits that explore and continue to unravel them, be they poets, physicists, mad men or all of the above. Here’s an ode to the hollow depths that we all stare into, the retina of the Great Computer’s eye, the overwhelming beauty, horror and silliness of it all. We are stardust, now let’s dance.

In order to make it so, we hereby invite everyone to take up the task of organising parties worldwide. Preparations have already begun in Amsterdam, NYC, New Orleans, Detroit, Jakarta, Rio de Janeiro, and Oostende…

In Amsterdam – the magical centre of the universe according to some mystics from the Sixties – scientists, artists and everybody else will engage in discussions, debate and celebrations regarding our origins and destination. A veritable shower of brain candy will fall, but do not fear the physical human being will be forgotten. Primordial soup, boxing matches (‘Knock Out!’), heavenly cocktails and ecstatic dancing will blast our celestial selves through the night. March twenty first will be explosive.

Awesome BBD!


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