In a spirit of Freshness

Go to bed with the joyful anticipation birthdays bring. Tomorrow the world will be sparkling and new. If you look closely, you will find everything is colourful.

Dress, Drink and Wishes

Have a Big Breakfast. Plan what to wear to the party. Glitter or Bang? Hot as during the Big Bang itself, or sparse as we find the universe today? Stone cold also works. Or black. You name it. That’s another thing about BBD: on this day, you are absolutely free. Prepare the primordial soup, and the BBD cocktail or Bang! A shot of Bang! is like having your brain knocked out with a brick of gold and a red pepper. Have a splendid day, and wish everyone a dazzling, awesome or you name it BBD. We do have a BBD handshake if you’re somehow interested, you BBDFreak!

Group Activities: create something New

Get your Group to decide on what you will make this year. Painting or sculpture, raving dance track or nutty garment? This is the day of the traditional “Oooh shit we have to create something together because its Big Bang Day!”-exclamation. Best work gets the prize. We’ll showcase your work on, plus you get to decide on special features for next year’s celebration. In time, we’ll put your work on display using the Moon as a canvas. Give us some years to work it out.

The Universe is a Balloon

Balloons are excellent. Not in the least to show how our universe expands, and drawing dots on it you can easily demonstrate galaxies generally moving away from each other. In fact, a balloon offers the easiest visual model for a simplified – one needs to cut out one dimension – universe. See Logo / Cosmology section for the full story.

Howl at the Moon, dance among the Stars

After dinner, it’s cocktail time! See Drinks Section for ingredients. What will the night bring: stargazing with a friend or lover? Howling at the moon out in the jungle, meadow, garden or mountain-top all alone? Or are you joining one of the other BBD party’s in town? Will you light sparkles, fireworks or anything else that needs a light? Boxing is also recommended. Waking up after a knock out is a true reappearance into this world. Let your cave man/woman out! Roam free. Will we go with a bang?

Feel the Heat
Speaking about newly born, another recommendation would be to get down to it and procreate. Or practice the act without the consequences. It is not called Big Bang for no reason. Let’s create new life out of old stardust!

We wish you an Awesome Big Bang Day



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