We are three friends from Amsterdam. Since high school we’ve shared a deep awe of the universe, not only due to smoking pot while stargazing. During an excruciatingly long hitchhike returning from Paris – we would not be picked up, probably because we looked like smelly 19 year old heavy metal fans, which we were – we read Douglas Adams’ The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy out loud, in the middle of the night under a bridge next to some godforsaken French roadside motel. We agreed that this was not only a very funny book, but more than that, a way of looking. Things ARE disturbingly coincidental, awesome and occasionally very funny. Through his particular philosophy wherein the universe is a bizarre accident one can only take a humane and ironic place in, Adams was a founding father of sorts, for us.

We are now in our thirties, became a teacher, psychologist and engineer, and have shared numerous fantastic parties and beautiful vacations, basically our lives, as friends. And our childhood dreams of grandiosity are long replaced by relatively realistic ones and plentiful simple pleasures and pains.

Talking about Big Bang Day, a day that unites us in celebrating knowledge and the wonders of the universe, revives teenage wonder. We would like to invite you to marvel with us. Together we can make this day a special celebration that spreads curiosity, understanding and great parties around the world.

You can help us in numerous ways; by making a donation that allows us as a foundation to organise this day, by being a part of the organisation and volunteer, by telling a friend, and of course – most importantly – by celebrating the Big Bang on the twenty first of March!

Awesome Big Bang Day!

Ruben Schrameijer, Rutger van Ree, Farshad Soleymani




  1. March 20, 2017  7:52 pm by Johan Westenburg Reply

    We love your work! Where is the party?

    • March 21, 2017  4:47 pm by admin Reply

      Hi Johan, party is vanavond bij SEXYLAND (Ms. van Riemsdijkweg 39).


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