Take a small glass, a shot glass or something similar, and poor in the ice cold vodka . Now take a bent teaspoon, the spoony end should lay on the vodka face-up, so that you can poor the sambuca slowly on top of the vodka, thanks to the fundamental force of gravity and the composition of the two spirits, the sambuca will stay on top of the vodka!

Now take the Tabasco, and throw in the 7 drops of the explosive red stuff. Some string theorists claim that every time a Bang! is drunk a new universe is born. And looking at the Tabasco floating in the middle of the glass, like a galaxy on water, you can experience the sheer beauty of this theory.

An alternative to this ‘Straight’ Bang! can be made by using (silver) tequila instead of vodka. The end result is a Mystery Bang!

Do not drink and drive. Drink and fly!

Heads up, BANG!


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